Senior Training & Development Specialist Responsibilities 

In the search for the perfect Senior Training Specialist there are a few things that you should consider. These specialists are often in charge of coaching and mentoring junior and senior players alike in the sport of soccer. These specialized coaches and mentors need to be well versed in the game and be able to instruct players on the fundamentals of soccer. If you want to become one of these professionals, there are a few things that you will need to know before you begin your training and applying.

Senior training specialists can make upwards of $55,000 a year depending on their skills and qualifications. These jobs are available all around the country, view personal trainer. The great thing about these specialized professionals is that they can teach others how to properly play soccer. Senior soccer coaches usually have a great deal of knowledge about the game and the proper ways to play it as well as promote the sport. There are many duties that they are required to perform such as; grading test, doing homework, reporting to parents, assisting with practice, overseeing team meetings and more.

Junior and Senior training development coordinators usually are responsible for; recruiting, coaching, training, selecting and promoting amateur and professional players. In most cases these individuals are responsible for the recruitment of players and the coaching of them. They also have a responsibility to develop the skills of these young men by teaching them the basics of the game and helping them develop their skills even further. The duties of the senior manager often include; training and management staffs, overseeing the organization's performance review policies and procedures, supervising the hiring process of coaches and developmental coaches, and communicating the club's expectations and goals to the players.

As a member of the senior management team you will also have some communication skills to assist the director of the youth and recreational departments as well as the trainer and strength coaches. Your job may also involve coordinating training programs and the implementation of new training initiatives. As part of your responsibilities as a senior manager you will also be expected to create training programs for the entire club, check out this link. This can include a personal leadership role in deciding which training program is best suited for the needs of the youth and recreational sections of the club, assisting the director in creating the programming and implementing it, monitoring the results of the training programs, communicating any changes that have been made in the program and reviewing any feedback that you have received from the players, parents and coaches.

If you are working in a Junior training development department then your responsibilities may include; supervising the hiring of trainers, approving any new contracts or agreements with trainers, training the players for team games and tournaments, coaching any sessions that are run by the trainers, communicating any changes that are being made in any of the training programs to the players and directing the performance of the training programs. In some cases you may also be responsible for supervising the implementation of any new projects that have been outsourced to outside contractors. Your duties as a senior manager may also include; training coaches on new methods of teaching football, developing athlete's performance standards and reporting any progress that has been made by the improvement of the standards of the training programs that are run. Most senior managers will have other duties and many of these duties will be necessary to fulfill your employment contract.

There are many senior specialists who have been successful in their careers in different areas of sport and other related activities. Many of these senior specialists who have become successful in their own right began their careers as a sporting coach or trainer. Some of the various senior specialist areas of sport and recreation that you may want to consider pursuing include; football coaching, volleyball coaching, ice hockey, softball, baseball, rugby and others. Some of the opportunities that are available through a senior specialist involve; teaching young people about their sports or encouraging young people in specific sports to pursue them. You could also become involved in a new sport or enter a new field through the opportunities that are available to you through the employment of a senior specialist. In many instances you could find that there are many positions that are open in your area that require the services that you would provide as a senior specialist. Read more at